Air Rights

Supports transit-oriented development

Developing Air Rights projects over or near transportation facilities supports more transit-oriented development to maximize access to public transportation. Such transit oriented development, in keeping with Arlington’s land-use plans, might include a combination of commercial, office and/or residential projects as well as public amenities such as parks and green areas. The transportation benefits of the potential project will address travel demand management, vehicle trip reduction and improve mobility by building livable and sustainable communities.

Local communities benefit from new jobs and tax revenue

By utilizing Air Rights above transportation facilities, these projects could produce new office space to attract new businesses and jobs in Virginia and provide local and state tax revenue from residential or commercial tenants. The Rosslyn site could generate annual revenue for Arlington County through an increased tax base.

Generates revenue to fund future transportation improvements

Utilizing Air Rights to generate additional transportation funding has a proven track record in other states. One example of successful Air Rights leases is from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation where revenues generated from state transportation properties and leases accounted for $40 million in FY 2011 with future rental income of $868 million through the life of all leases.

Rosslyn Metro Station Areas

Air Rights development in Rosslyn could offer Arlington County new opportunities in developing the vision for Rosslyn through its Rosslyn Sector Plan Update process. Through the county’s community planning process, a potential Air Rights development may consist of office space, retail, residential condominiums, parks, open space, pedestrian pathways and bike trails.


As of late July 2016, VDOT is not actively pursuing Air Rights at the Rosslyn location; however, we will continue to work with interested parties who may request exploration of other opportunities and locations.

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