I-95 Express Lanes Extension (Phase 3 of Atlantic Gateway Project)

Extending the Express Lanes to Fredericksburg |  Map


Project will add a 10-mile extension of the 95 Express Lanes to official plans.  Also putting $12 million into continuing work on the project; this will later be repaid by toll revenues.  Construction on the lanes could begin in the spring of 2019 and the extension could open in 2021.

It will extend the Express Lanes from Garrisonville Road to Route 17 in Stafford County, which is about 10 miles. It will have direct connection with both the northbound and southbound Rappahannock River crossing projects and will be analyzing access points and operational improvements with the project.
This longer extension, which VDOT has dubbed “FredEx”, is on top of the short-term changes already in the works for an extension just beyond the current choke point at Garrisonville Road.
That shorter $31 million extension is due to open southbound this fall, with the northbound entrance opening in summer 2018.
Ultimately when open to traffic, this project would complete one of the longest Express Lanes system in the U.S., from Washington, D.C., to Fredericksburg and unlock a major point of daily congestion in the region.


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