I-495 Express Lanes

The Virginia Department of Transportation partnered with its private partners, Transurban and Fluor, to deliver the largest improvement to the Capital Beltway in a generation.

Project Background

Delivering new travel options:

  • Four new lanes, two in each direction along 14-mile stretch of the Capital Beltway in Virginia
  • Carpool/HOV-3 lanes on Beltway and to Tysons Corner
  • Congestion-free network for transit buses and carpools
  • Seamless HOV connection with I-66, Dulles Toll Road, I-395/I-95
  • Toll option for drivers needing predictable travel time
  • Fully electronic/dynamic tolling

Delivered on-time and on-budget:

  • Built four new lanes on the Capital Beltway
  • Replaced more than 50 aging bridges and overpasses
  • Tripled soundwall protection for adjacent communities
  • Added pedestrian/bike access for all overpasses crossing the Beltway
  • Relocated major utilities along entire alignment
  • Completed in November 2012

Robust Public Engagement:

  • 1,000+ community events, public meetings, employer briefings
  • Made more than 225,000 calls via phone campaign
  • Sent over 300,000 email updates
  • Hand delivered more than 30,000 construction notices
  • Continue to distribute updates to email subscribers on a quarterly basis

Supported 31,000 jobs, pumped $3.5 billion into the economy

  • On-site construction jobs, transport of supplies/ equipment, non-direct jobs supported by workers spending paychecks in local community.  Accounted for as much as 20 percent of total economic growth for Fairfax County in 2009.

Awarded $490 million to small and disadvantaged businesses:

  • Largest contribution to DBEs and SWAMs in Virginia’s history for a single transportation project.


Open to traffic in November of 2012.

Project Links

expresslanes.com – link to Capital Beltway Express, LLC. website.  Contains current information on operations.

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